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    General Guild Rules Empty General Guild Rules

    Post by Kemsyt on Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:18 am

    Hi all,
    Please read the Guild Rule below and keep yourself updated regularly!

    1. Need to have respect for all guild mates.

    2. Everyone needs to respect and help all the guild members be it donor or otherwise. If anyone needs help we MUST help him/her.

    3. Should be respectful to all the 2bit gaming players that includes ally players.

    4. Participation in GUILD EVENT is MUST; be it Pve or PvP or Fun Events. For PvE even if you dont need anything you MUST join to help others if its asked for.

    5. For PvP and when guild needs help mainly in PvP and world battle EVERYONE online MUST join NO EXCEPTION. Please dont give excuse of DUELING, INSIDE INSTANCE, NON-DONOR. While joining this guild you must agree its PvP guild and you are required to JOIN as soon as there is ONE.

    6. No drama allowed in Guild.

    7. For any dispute please solve it in private instead of making a open drama for all.

    8. There should NOT be any trash talking to any ally player and Guild.

    9. As we raid several times everyday, there should not be any drama on not getting a particular gear/item.

    10. NO BUGGING and/or BEGGING allowed in guild.

    11. Please DONT BEG or Force FDs in guild to SOLO run Bosses for your GEAR. THERE WILL BE NO SOLO run for someone to GEAR-UP. Any information of this will result with giving 1 time WARRING to that person BEGGED and GUILD KICK for next time.

    12. All the rules of 2bit Gaming are followed here too. All the illegal activities according to server shall be illegal here too. So if anyone found exploiting those will be prosecuted by showing the door from guild.

    13. NO DUEL allowed inside any INSTANCE.

    14. We have GM Staff member in the guild. Please dont hassle them for illegal special favors like for example asking for donation items that aren't accounted for. Begging and spamming GM members for favors can result to a /gkick. Please treat them like any other members with respect. They are here to play for fun and not to do GM works.

    15. As of now alts in guild allowed like this---> Initiate = NO ALTS, Members = 2 alts (1 main + 2alts), Elite = 4alts (1main + 4alts), Veterans = NO Restriction, Officers = NO Restriction.

    16. If you are warned.. Your can't bring your alts to an instance run and you can't take any loot.. But if you don't run instances there is no telling you get of the warned status..

    17. Warned ppl CAN'T roll on items in guild raids. They can loot the body however, after everyone getting the items.

    18. Depending on the time frame for warning they'll get re-positioned to their prev rank only if 3 leaders agree on it including the person who warned.

    19. A person can get max 2 warning before final kick from guild.

    20. A person can stay as warned max 2 weeks and in that time if he/she cant get promoted then that will result in a guild removal.

    21. The new inactivity period at guild is as given ::
    Warned > 3 days without informing us
    Initiate > 7 days without informing us
    Member > 14 days without informing us
    After the given period of times members shall be removed from guild if they havn't informed on it.

    22. NEW RULE about Alts :: For joining alts in guild please lvl it to 80 1st. Hence forth we WONT allow any alts of any member including Guild leaders below lvl 80 (Except the Event toons).

    23. All characters should be level 80 by the 4th June 2009 or expect guild kick, (this includes alts etc).

    24. If a guild member is kicked/muted from the server by a GM they will be placed onto the warned rank if felt to be needed.(Depending on the reason). If such occurs they will be removed from the guild.

    25. If a guild member is account/character banned they will be kicked from the guild, (it does not matter if they character is banned for a day).

    26. We have inactive guild members and they will be kicked after the given time they are allocated to be offline without a reason. However, if after 1 month they have still not shown up they will be removed from the guild even if their note states "do not kick".

    27. Full Donors cannot roll on items until we do special raids just for them (after non-donor raids have been made.) Full donors must pass on all items and then loot the body afterward for items they may need.

    28. Partial and Half donors can only roll on items they do not have donor for example they cannot roll on a non-donor sword if they already have a donor one.

    29. Non-donors can roll on any item that they need(Depending on spec).

    30. Players must only gear their main characters first and let other main characters get their gear before their alt can get gear.

    31. Players must only take items that are for their current spec, we do not want people rolling for 3 different specs at the same time for example: pally rolling on tanking, healing and dps gear.

    In short remember. This GUILD was formed for Fun and Community. So Every Guild member is expected to AVOID DRAMA, TRASH TALKING, CONFLICTS. Lets just make a Good scape community and have fun Smile

    (Guild rules updated as of 30th Dec 2008)

    REMEMBER to READ the RULES. There shouldn't be any excuse of NOT reading it and breaking it. There can be periodical rule testing for members in game or on Forum. When there is NO leaders online and you saw someone Breaking Guild rules please make a SS of it and Post Under section Called "Report". Those shall be dealt with Importance.

    The Council of Elders Management team

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    General Guild Rules Empty Re: General Guild Rules

    Post by Kemsyt on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:05 am


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