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    Apply For Guild Empty Apply For Guild

    Post by Restwave on Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:36 pm

    General Questions

    1) Name of the character you intend on joining with : Restwave
    2) Names of any significant alts (optional): none
    3) Your Tainted/Crusade forum username and the number of posts I don't have Forum account
    4) Your age and your country : 17 - Kuwait
    5) Do you have and use Ventrilo, if yes, do you own a functional microphone?: No
    6) What made you apply for our guild? I Like Because it's really Organizer all ways in raids ... etc
    7) Leave a contact (e-mail, MSN etc.) (optional) :
    Cool Tell us a bit about yourself -: I'm Jack , 17 years old , i'm from kuwait ...

    Game Related Questions

    1) Your class (include the spec, for ex. Balance Druid) : Druid Resto
    2) General quality of your gear - 5534 Gear score
    3) Your primary professions - I don't have
    4) How long have you been playing WoW in general? - 5 years
    5) Any retail experience? - Yeah
    6) What area of the game do you consider to be your strongest? Pve
    7) Are you familiar with large scale group PvP? no
    Cool Any previous guilds? - Defense Of The Ancients

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    Apply For Guild Empty Re: Apply For Guild

    Post by Rauthar on Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:21 am

    this application has been approved, contact an officer ingame


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