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    How to make a topic for your application.



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    How to make a topic for your application.

    Post by Asukra on Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:47 am

    As some people seem to be getting confused as to do this I thought I Would make a tut thingie.

    First you must register on the forum. You can register by clicking on the registration link at the top of the forum.
    After you have registered you do this:

    1. First read the application procedure if you haven't already done so:
    2. Then goto the application format, found here.
    3. Goto the Membership Application section. Found here
    4. Click on the 'New Topc' button. Its on the left hand side under the words 'Membership Application'.
    5. Paste your app into the box & fill it out answering all questions.
    6. In the Subject field write something along the lines of your Name and Class. Soo for me it would be 'Asukra, warlock application'.
    7. Press the send button

    DO NOT post your application in someone elses topic. If you do it increases the chance you will not be accepted into the guild.


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