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    How to use forums

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    How to use forums Empty How to use forums

    Post by Niina on Wed May 05, 2010 4:27 am

    To new and old members.. The portal site maybe confusing to some but just by clicking the home on top of the site you can access the forums.. In the portal you can also see the latest posts that have been posted and can check + comment them if you want.. On top of the forum there is a link to see posts since your last visit too so you can also check that.. Don't be afraid of using the forums it's not that hard and when people get into it.. It can be quite enjoyable too.. So yes I hope people get active on forums again and new members aren't afraid of posting.. I mean you can post about anything.. Your real life problems we'll listen to them or atleast I will, ingame stuff screenshots or anything you found if you found a bug and how to avoid it you should post about it and stuff.. You can post about some offtopic stuff you found interesting in interwebz.. I mean anything Very Happy.. Let's try to spark some life to these forums! Very Happy

    If you have any guestions or anything don't be afraid to ask..

    Well the reason why people should use forums too is that I think people will learn more about eachother and we can grow as a guild..

    Thank you!

    How to use forums Asiraargo
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