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    [READ THIS FIRST] Application Procedure :: Please Read


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    [READ THIS FIRST] Application Procedure :: Please Read Empty [READ THIS FIRST] Application Procedure :: Please Read

    Post by Kemsyt on Tue Aug 05, 2008 2:02 am

    New applicants to our guild please read this as the application procedure to join us. From now onwards we are going to change our application procedure as given below ::

    1. Please register youself on forum and activate the account.

    2. Read the guild rules and objective carefully.

    3. If you feel comfortable with rules and guild objective then apply in the given format properly.

    4. After submitting the application it'll be verified by the guild leaders and you can contact any of the leaders in game for testing.

    5. There will be 2 rounds of testing in game where in 1st there will be a short interview on raiding, pre-tbc instances, class questions and PvP questions. In the 2nd round someone from the interview pannel will duel for checking the skill in PvP. Please note in that duel it doesnt matter who wins, its mainly for checking the skill and whether you know the class you are playing or not.

    6. according to interviewrs if you pass this then they'll invite you in guild.

    In this whole procedure please remember to be calm. Please remember our main objective is to get nice person in guild who has acceptable knowledge on game and what is he/she doing.

    here is the list of leaders to contact in game ::
    Thx for reading,

    The Council of Elders Management Team

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