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    screenshot of mages i got to 2k+


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    screenshot of mages i got to 2k+

    Post by riverasho on Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:03 pm

    Only have mine and a friends that i got to 2k+, ive gotten over 5 other ppls mages 2k+ in arena on live so far but didnt take SS.

    i transfered servers to a different one, yep no more 2300 2s rating or 2200 3s rating(no longer on azgalor) and met some new friends and did arena for 1 night, our rating turned out like this(going for 2300+ in 3s btw Very Happy)

    a draenie mage i was playing on (my friends) got him 2k with 50 wins 18 losses(trying to get him 2400+ in 2s)

    and now, a youtube video i uploaded, counterspelled a fel domination (ppl who dont know what it is, its a warlock spell, casts your pet in 0.5 seconds (fastest cast in the game) to show off my reflexes Wink!!)